Natural Science Beauty Balm

Natural Science Beauty Balm


The ultimate moisture bomb to quench your skin! 

Home Base will be your go-to on the daily for nourishing dry skin. Made with cold-pressed oils like baobab, camellia and beeswax to bring forth healing properties; this protective balm takes dull, thirsty skin to brightened and renewed.

Use this balm any time skin needs a boost of hydration. We love to to use it on our lips, hands, arms, chest, stomach, back, bottom, legs, and feet anytime to lock in moisture and create a protective barrier. We recommend using this balm post shower for soothed, glowing skin or as a lip balm, hand balm, and overnight hair or foot moisturizer. 

With daily devotion, you’ll see supple and rejuvenated skin.

Highlighted ingredients

Baobab Seed Oil: Prevents harmful free radicals that trigger wrinkling, sagging, and other signs of aging. Leaves skin feeling silky and groovy.

Camellia Seed Oil: Known as the geisha's ultimate beauty secret, this elegant oil helps to minimize acne, boost skin elasticity, and stimulate collagen production to lessen inflammation and give skin a uniform glow. 

Pumpkin Seed Oil: With its impressive vitamin and mineral profile, pumpkin seed oil is often known as a superfood for the skin. The high antioxidant factor leaves skin feeling toned and renewed.

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