Shine Cookbook by Sylvie Coulange

Shine Cookbook by Sylvie Coulange


Simple, healthy, and inspired are the words describing the beautiful cookbook by Sylvie Coulange, Shine.  An inspirational cookbook that is better thought of as "resetting of your soul's compass".  The cookbook  offers simple, clean recipes that help feed your soul with healthy food options that nourish you in more ways than one.  

With delectable recipes such as Wild Berry Bread, Avocado and Kale Pasta, and Power Bliss Balls, Sylvie Coulange has created a cookbook that is ACTUALLY doable for all those who wish to make conscious choices about the food they put into their bodies.  

Self-created, self-written, photographed and published, Shine's main goal is to inspire to eat better by sharing easy recipes homemade with fresh produce. 

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