The Sum Fragrances

The Sum Fragrances


Modern unisex fragrances hand blended from sacred elements. 


The smell and feeling of clean white smoke. The White is a bright ethereal presence that purifies through a calming cloud. Fresh yet slightly woody, comforting yet mysterious. It balances new beginnings with the nostalgic feeling of a good memory.

NOTES: White Smoke, Iris, Wood, Sterling Silver



Rich, luxurious, and effortless. The Black is a meditation on the absence of color. Its addictive grace heightens all of our senses with its soothing intensity and depth. It coats our world with a layer of natural beauty that makes everything more pleasurable.

NOTES: Ceremonial Oud, Black Stone



Exotic, warm, and enveloping. The Red brings us through a kaleidoscope of far away lands, altered experiences, and endless adventures. Its smooth spicy glow surrounds us with a reassuring confidence to explore the unknown.

NOTES: Fire, Saffron, Sandalwood, Amber



Leave behind the chaos and exist in another plane. The Mauve is an alternate world free from external disarray. The first serene light peeking through a fog. A fresh nectar enriched with tea leaves and damp wood. It is a rich harmony that balances the calm with the joyful.

NOTES: Tea Leaves, Fresh Lavender, Oak



Wander through the passageways of a spice market and out into the vastness of a desert horizon. A sultry breeze gently floats far off in the distance. Under the endless open skies, The Gold radiates a pearlescent warmth that is equally bright and earthy.

NOTES: Sandalwood, Arabian Jasmine, Clove Oil, Earth


All bottles contain a Sterling Silver bead inside the bottle- the healing and balancing qualities of silver delivered in a scent experience.

  • Eau De Parfum
  • 30 mL
  • Sterling Silver bead
  • No animal testing
  • Hand blended in Portland, Oregon USA

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