What is your Elemental Type ?

What is your Elemental Type ?


Join Sunday March 18th @ 10-11am Please RSVP by "purchasing" a ticket.

One of the founding principles of Chinese Medicine is living in harmony with Nature; tailoring our lives and activities to the energetics of the season to promote health, peace and stability. In this talk, we'll discuss the 5 Element theory of Chinese Medicine as it relates to both the foundations of the natural world and the human body. We'll also discuss the 5 different elemental 'types' that a person can fall under, and how each type relates to and benefits from (or is at odds with) the energetics of the different seasons. 

We'll describe the defining energetic characteristics of each season, and provide practical tips on how you can adjust your lifestyle (think sleep, exercise, diet, planning/decision-making and more) to be in better alignment with nature.

Class led by  www.cybelephillipslac.com

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