Womens Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Womens Sacred Cacao Ceremony


Join us Tuesday Feb 13 @ 7pm - 9pm

Please Register by Monday Feb 12th so we have enough chocolate!

Traditionally prepared ceremonial Cacao is a magical and sacred treat. It is not at all like drinking a regular cup of hot chocolate - it is a strong and powerful concoction mixed with spices to awaken the energetic properties of Cacao. Devi was initiated and trained by Master Teacher & Healer Brook Still, who learned this ancient recipe from Shamans in South America. Devi also completed an intensive program of study, working with Cacao on a deep personal level, to become a certified ceremonial facilitator through Heartblood Cacao. 

Devi prepares the elixir with special blessings and prayers offered to Yollotl Eztli, the spirit of the Cacao plant itself; this makes it extremely powerful in aiding those who participate in this sacred ceremony to open their heart and connect more fully for deep shamanic journeying, inner work, and creative expression. Unlike a hallucinogenic, Cacao takes you to the door of your awakening and offers you the opportunity to walk through it yourself, without forcing you. It is a gentle and magnificent healer.

During this particular ceremony, Devi will be leading the group through a guided meditation to awaken and expand the energy of the heart. Everyone will receive an energized crystal as a keepsake for their altar or sacred space. Please bring a journal (or paper) and a pen for annotating any insights or personal reflections. 

For your health and well-being, we request that anyone taking anti-depressants, MAO inhibitors, or tryptophan, those with serious heart conditions or prone to severe anxiety, those allergic to chocolate, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, please do not participate in this ceremony.

For those who are sensitive to caffeine, on a raw diet or fasting, or with allergies/sensitivities to coconut milk or coconut nectar, please notify Devi before consuming (you may also email ahead of time to devoraharcher@gmail.com). Please do not eat a heavy meal or consume dairy products 2 hours prior to the event, as this interferes with the affects of the Cacao. We also recommend that you are caffeine free (if possible) for at least 1-2 days prior to the ceremony, and of course the day of, for a more profound experience.


About Devi Archer: 

Embracing her gifts as a highly sensitive empath, Devi has been working with energy healing techniques from many cultures for over 20 years and has received initiations from several lineages. She is a mother, yogini, healer, teacher, student of Ayurveda, massage therapist, Usui Reiki Master, artisan, dreamer, poet, mystic, and Lover of Life... She enjoys communing with nature, playing with crystals, herbs, oils and elixirs, learning tarot and astrology, magical craftwork, and sauna life!


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