Your Fall Tarot Reading

Your Fall Tarot Reading

from 38.00

Thursday Sept 21st @7pm-830

What does your future hold for this fall season ?  Are there questions you'd like to ask or insight you're looking for ?  Are there decisions you're having a hard time making?  Join us for a card reading session.  Bring your own deck or purchase with class (pocket rider waite) when signing up below! 

Enjoy a simple approach to manifesting your goals by using the tarot. Useful for all levels and perfect for the curious, this ancient divination system will inspire your best laid plans through its subtle symbolism. Guidance through numbers, colors and patterns will be assessed by drawing 5 cards for advice and an additional 4 cards for the remaining four months of the calendar year.

Class led by amazing local tarot reader, numerologist and all around beautiful soul Tracy Talley of The Mystical

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